Release Notes

What's new in 5.7

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Updates in

Behavioral Improvements

  • Pagination is now translated (thanks mlocati)
  • Social links block now has a unique ID and gets its style based on CSS class, rather than ID.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed MySQL bug when attempting to install on non-local MySQL installs.
  • Image block hover parameters now work again (thanks olliephillips)
  • Fixed incorrect message about inadequate RAM when users actually had 64MB allocated to PHP.
  • Fixed exception when deleting a block from a page defaults (thanks Chadstrat).
  • Removed unique constraints in configuration on namespaces.
  • Fixed “Invalid foreach()” error when dealing with page types that allowed different templates than their default.

Developer Updates

  • Punic Unicode library updated to 1.1 (thanks mlocati)
  • Doctrine ORM updated to 2.4.5 (thanks mkly)
  • Updated Symfony2 Components to 2.5.5.
  • Updated Monolog to 1.11.