Managing Workflow Items

Triggering the workflow

In our previous section, we attached a workflow that fires whenever someone tries to delete our page. Let's see this in action now.

For this example I've logged in as a user named thomas. He's a member of our Writers group. I've set up another user named diana and added her to our Editors group.

When thomas visits the page we've been working with, he gets an edit toolbar reflecting the privileges we've just assigned to him: he can delete the page.


After verifying, the page would normally get deleted. But since we've attached our Quality Assurance workflow, the change is instead sent off for approval. Our user thomas now sees this message when visits the page, verifying that he's requested to delete the page:


Notify on Entry

When thomas submitted his request, the Notify on Entry option sent email to every member of the group we selected: Editors. Here's the message diana received:

Dear diana,

On October 17, 2014 at 5:05 AM, user thomas submitted the following request: 

"Hello World" has been marked for deletion. View the page here:

You can review, approve or deny all pending actions from here:

Now we can log in as diana, check out the change and approve or deny as we see fit.

Waiting for Me

Approval / denial from the Dashboard

I've granted diana Dashboard access, so she can access as page at Dashboard > Workflow > Waiting for Me. This will list all changes awaiting her review. Information about the requested page and the timestamp of the last action performed upon the request will be displayed. Additional information about the user requesting the change is available by clicking the status message under Current Status (in this case "Pending Delete"). This reveals the username that requested the action and the request's timestamp.


Our user diana can either click "Approve Delete"--which completes the workflow and deletes the page-- or click cancel and reject the request. If rejected, the page will remain intact and thomas will no longer see a pink status bar across the top of the page he tried to delete.

Approval / denial from the affected page

If our users in the Editors group want to take a look at the page where the action was requested, they can click the page title or URL to visit the page. Here's what our user diana sees:


Naturally she can choose to approve or reject the change from this page.

Notify on Approval / Denial

The last thing that happens when diana clicks one button or the other is the sending of notification emails. Depending on which users we'd specified in the workflow's notifcation options, users will receive an email notifcation when the page is accepted or rejected.