Interface ApplicationAwareInterface This interface declares awareness of the concrete5 application.

Interface that any attribute key must implement.

Interface that category objects (for instance, Express entities) must implement.

The interface that any attribute category must implement.

Class to be implemented by attribute categories to define the attribute indexing table.

Attribute controllers should implement this interface if they support importing/exporting to/from multiple plain text fields.

The interface that any object thay may have attributes must implement.

Handles adding and removing keys from attribute sets.

Attribute controllers should implement this interface if they support importing/exporting to/from plain text.

A cache store that has the ability to be flushed

Interface that all captcha controllers must implement.

Interface that captcha controllers .

Interface that configurable captcha controllers can implement to let users customize the captcha.

Interface to flag an object as being aware of the symfony console components.

Interface for EntityManagerConfig factories

Specify a namespace for a Doctrine ORM driver, as well as what kind of mapping driver it should be.

Implement this in your package controller if you'd like to provide a custom entity manager.

Anything implementing the Provider interface is able to delivery one or more entity manager drivers. Currently the Concrete\Core\Package\Package class (extended by all package controllers) is the only object that implements this interface.

Class Device A representation of a device.

Interface ThumbnailerInterface An interface for classes tasked with creating thumbnails. This interace requires imagine.

Implementations of this interface will provide their own path in the event that

Interface for the checks to be performed before installing concrete5.

Interface for the checks to be performed before installing concrete5 that need a web environment.

Translation loaders provide a standardized way to load new translations into the translator adapters.

Translation loader repositories provide a way to store multiple translation loaders.

Translator adapter factories provide factory method for creating a new translator adapter.

Translator adapters wrap the functionality of a specific translator class into a format that can be used within the concrete5 context.

Translator adapter repository can store any number of translator adapters.

Interface AttachModeCompatibleRoutineInterface.

Interface IndexInterface

Interface describing a configurable rule for the web server.

Interface describing a single rule for the web server.

Interface FactoryInterface An object that can create symfony sessions.

Interface TrackableInterface Implement this interface to declare compatibility with the statistic tracker.

Interface TranslatableValidatorInterface A modifier to the standard validator interface that enables translatable requirements and errors.

Interface ValidatorInterface A generic validator cabable of describing itself and validating mixed values.

Interface ValidatorManagerInterface A generic validator manager interface that enables validating against many validators at once.