Most websites have certain tasks that must be performed on a regular schedule, such as checking for inactive users, sending email notifications, reindexing the search engine or refreshing the sitemap.xml file. In Concrete this accomplished through the running of Tasks. Tasks can be run from the Concrete Dashboard or from the command line on your web server.

Tasks are built on messages and the Concrete command bus. As a developer, you can create your own custom tasks for use on your sites or distribution in the marketplace. Read on for more information on creating tasks, or working on the message dispatcher system.


Before you continue on, you should read the Editor Documentation for Tasks, which will explain the benefits and purposes of tasks, including how to work with their advanced features. Additionally, you should have some experience bundling Concrete code into Packages, since Tasks require that they be installed using the Concrete package format.

Finally, since tasks use the new Command and Command Handler System, make sure you’ve read that documentation as well.