Fix the Icons

First, before we make the footer editable, let’s fix the icons that are broken within it.

These are Font Awesome icons, but they’re obviously not rendering properly. Let’s check out the markup in our footer.php file. Here’s the relevant HTML for the social icons in the footer element:

I can tell from the icon markup that these are icons from Font Awesome version 5. That’s because it uses the classes fab and fas, while Font Awesome 4 uses fa for its icons. The version of Font Awesome that ships with the Dreamrs theme is Font Awesome 5 -- but earlier in the build process we changed away from using the bundled version of Font Awesome to using the one that ships with the Concrete CMS core. That means we need to use Font Awesome 4 classes instead of 5. Let’s change all instances of far or fab classes in this element to using fa instead, and see if that helps:

A quick reload in the browser and this appears to have fixed our issue: