At this point, we have the bones of a package and a theme, but we don’t have any page templates, nor any HTML and CSS within them to render anything. It’s no wonder we get a fully blank page when we visit our Dreamrs website in a browser. We’re going to fix that by doing the following:

  • Create a page template file for the full-width page template we’re going to use in our site.

  • Create a fall-back page template, in case somehow a page template gets created and applied without a corresponding PHP template file.

  • Copy our theme’s header and footer files out of HTML and into our page template, and ensure they look good.

  • Modify the header and footer to add support for the Concrete CMS editing toolbar into our pages.

  • Add our first editable area into the page template!

At that point, we’ll have an empty home page, and we’ll be ready to start creating our custom pages and page types.