Create the Full Page Template

Right now, our Dreamrs theme has a single page template -- “Full.” This is installed by our Elemental Blank sample content.

This is actually perfect. “Full” is a great name for the main page template in our site, as many of our pages really have just a single large content area, with blocks and layouts inside. But it’s important to remember this page template is really just a name and a handle:

In Concrete CMS, the page template record in the Dashboard simply joins a handle and a name to an icon, and let’s you keep a list of templates, joining them to page records and page types. Page Templates have no display qualities or markup joined to them at all. That’s why we’re not seeing anything when we go to our home page, even though our home page currently uses the Full page template. Without a file named full.php in our theme directory, there’s no markup to display.

So let’s fix that. Within our theme_dreamrs directory, add a file named full.php. That’s because the handle for our Full template (which is the only page template installed, remember) is full. So when any pages that use the Full page template are rendered, they will look to the theme directory for a file named with the name of their handle.

touch full.php

Next, edit the file and add some text into it, just to make certain it’s working:

Visiting the home page shows a promising development.

This is good; it means that we’re using the full.php file we made when rendering this page.