Create Dummy Pages for Testing

Before we test the output of our Project Grid block type, we need to create some dummy Project pages for testing. First, let’s grab some thumbnail images that we’ll use; the theme actually provides these within the img/ directory:

Head into the Concrete CMS file manager, and make a new folder named “Projects”. Drag these images into the folder. This will upload them to the site:

Now, let’s create a Project page. Select Project from the Sitemap panel:

This will create a draft page of the Project type. It will be configured to publish beneath the Projects section of the site. You’ll be redirected to the page with the Composer form interface open. Fill out the interface with some dummy data, including one of the thumbnails you’ve added:

Publish the page and repeat at last one more time. The most important thing is to note what Project Category you’re checking -- because that’s how we’ll know that our Project Grid block type is working.