Full Permission List

Want to work programmatically with permissions? Here's a full list of permission Keys installed by Concrete CMS:

Handle Name Category Custom Class Can Trigger Workflow
access_api Access API admin No No
access_page_defaults Access Page Type Defaults admin No No
access_page_type_permissions Access Page Type Permissions admin No No
access_task_permissions Access Task Permissions admin No No
add_topic_tree Add Topic Tree admin No No
customize_themes Customize Themes admin No No
edit_topic_tree Edit Topic Tree admin No No
empty_trash Empty Trash admin No No
manage_layout_presets Manage Layout Presets admin No No
remove_topic_tree Remove Topic Tree admin No No
upgrade Upgrade Concrete admin No No
view_announcement_content View Announcement Content admin No No
view_in_maintenance_mode View Site in Maintenance Mode admin No No
add_block_to_area Add Block to Area area Yes No
add_layout_to_area Add Layouts to Area area No No
add_stack_to_area Add Stack to Area area No No
delete_area_contents Delete Area Contents area No No
edit_area_contents Edit Area Contents area No No
edit_area_design Edit Area Design area No No
edit_area_permissions Edit Area Permissions area No No
schedule_area_contents_guest_access Schedule Guest Access area No No
view_area View Area area No No
approve_basic_workflow_action Approve or Deny basic_workflow No No
notify_on_basic_workflow_approve Notify on Approve basic_workflow No No
notify_on_basic_workflow_deny Notify on Deny basic_workflow No No
notify_on_basic_workflow_entry Notify on Entry basic_workflow No No
delete_block Delete Block block No No
edit_block Edit Block block No No
edit_block_cache_settings Edit Cache Settings block No No
edit_block_custom_template Change Block Template block No No
edit_block_design Edit Design block No No
edit_block_name Edit Name block No No
edit_block_permissions Edit Permissions block No No
schedule_guest_access Schedule Guest Access block No No
view_block View Block block No No
add_block Add Block block_type Yes No
add_stack Add Stack block_type No No
delete_board Delete Board board No No
edit_board_contents Edit Contents board No No
edit_board_locked_rules Edit Locked Rules board No No
edit_board_permissions Edit Permissions board No No
edit_board_settings Edit Settings board No No
view_board View Board board No No
add_board Add Board board_admin No No
delete_boards Delete Boards board_admin No No
edit_boards_contents Edit Board Content board_admin No No
edit_boards_locked_rules Edit Locked Rules board_admin No No
edit_boards_permissions Edit Permissions board_admin No No
edit_boards_settings Edit Board Settings board_admin No No
view_boards View Boards board_admin No No
access_calendar_rss_feed Access RSS Feed calendar No No
add_calendar_event Add Calendar Event calendar No No
approve_calendar_event Approve Calendar Event calendar No Yes
delete_calendar Delete Calendar calendar No No
edit_calendar Edit Calendar calendar No No
edit_calendar_event_more_details_location Modify More Details Location calendar No No
edit_calendar_events Edit Calendar Events calendar No No
edit_calendar_permissions Edit Permissions calendar No No
view_calendar View Calendar calendar No No
view_calendar_in_edit_interface View in Edit Interface calendar No No
access_calendar_rss_feeds Access RSS Feeds calendar_admin No No
add_calendar Add Calendar calendar_admin No No
add_calendar_events Add Calendar Events calendar_admin No No
approve_calendar_events Approve Calendar Events calendar_admin No Yes
delete_calendars Delete Calendars calendar_admin No No
edit_calendars Edit Calendars calendar_admin No No
edit_calendars_permissions Edit Permissions calendar_admin No No
view_calendars View Calendars calendar_admin No No
view_category_tree_node View Category Tree Node category_tree_node No No
add_conversation_message Add Message to Conversation conversation Yes No
add_conversation_message_attachments Add Message Attachments conversation No No
approve_conversation_message Approve Message conversation No No
delete_conversation_message Delete Message conversation No No
edit_conversation_message Edit Message conversation No No
edit_conversation_permissions Edit Conversation Permissions conversation No No
flag_conversation_message Flag Message conversation No No
rate_conversation_message Rate Message conversation No No
delete_express_entry Delete Entry express_entry No No
edit_express_entry Edit Entry express_entry No No
view_express_entry View Entries express_entry No No
add_express_entries Add Entry express_tree_node No No
delete_express_entries Delete Entry express_tree_node No No
edit_express_entries Edit Entry express_tree_node No No
view_express_entries View Entries express_tree_node No No
copy_file Copy File file No No
delete_file Delete File file No No
edit_file_contents Edit File Contents file No No
edit_file_permissions Edit File Access file No No
edit_file_properties Edit File Properties file No No
view_file View Files file No No
view_file_in_file_manager View File in File Manager file No No
add_file Add File file_folder Yes No
copy_file_folder_files Copy File file_folder No No
delete_file_folder Delete File Folder file_folder No No
delete_file_folder_files Delete File file_folder No No
edit_file_folder Edit File Folder file_folder No No
edit_file_folder_file_contents Edit File Contents file_folder No No
edit_file_folder_file_properties Edit File Properties file_folder No No
edit_file_folder_permissions Edit File Access file_folder No No
search_file_folder Search File Folder file_folder No No
view_file_folder_file View Files file_folder No No
add_group Add Group group_folder No No
add_group_folder Add Group Folder group_folder No No
assign_groups Assign Groups group_folder No No
delete_group_folder Delete Group Folder group_folder No No
edit_group_folder Edit Group Folder group_folder No No
edit_group_folder_permissions Edit Group Access group_folder No No
search_group_folder Search Group Folder group_folder No No
add_sub_group Add Child Group group_tree_node No No
assign_group Assign Group group_tree_node No No
edit_group Edit Group group_tree_node No No
edit_group_permissions Edit Group Permissions group_tree_node No No
search_users_in_group Search User Group group_tree_node No No
delete_log_entries Delete Log Entries logs No No
export_log_entries Export Log Entries logs No No
view_log_entries View Log Entries logs No No
install_packages Install Packages marketplace No No
uninstall_packages Uninstall Packages marketplace No No
notify_in_notification_center Notify in Notification Center notification Yes No
add_subpage Add Sub-Page page Yes No
approve_page_versions Approve Changes page No Yes
delete_page Delete page No Yes
delete_page_versions Delete Versions page No Yes
edit_page_contents Edit Contents page No No
edit_page_multilingual_settings Edit Multilingual Settings page No No
edit_page_page_type Edit Page Type page No No
edit_page_permissions Edit Permissions page No Yes
edit_page_properties Edit Properties page Yes No
edit_page_speed_settings Edit Speed Settings page No No
edit_page_template Change Page Template page No No
edit_page_theme Change Theme page Yes No
move_or_copy_page Move or Copy Page page No Yes
preview_page_as_user Preview Page As User page No No
schedule_page_contents_guest_access Schedule Guest Access page No No
view_page View page No No
view_page_in_sitemap View Page in Sitemap page No No
view_page_versions View Versions page No No
add_page_type Add Pages of This Type page_type No No
delete_page_type Delete Page Type page_type No No
edit_page_type Edit Page Type page_type No No
edit_page_type_drafts Edit Page Type Drafts page_type No No
edit_page_type_permissions Edit Page Type Permissions page_type No No
access_sitemap Access Sitemap sitemap No No
view_topic_tree_node View Topic Tree Node topic_tree_node No No
access_group_search Access Group Search user No No
access_user_search Access User Search user No No
access_user_search_export Export Site Users user No No
activate_user Activate/Deactivate User user No Yes
delete_user Delete User user No Yes
edit_user_properties Edit User Details user Yes No
sudo Sign in as User user No No
view_user_attributes View User Attributes user Yes No