Advanced: Creating and Using Badge Groups

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Version 5.7 of Concrete CMS introduced the ability to mark certain groups as "Badges." These are regular groups, with a few additional qualities:

  • Badges can have a "community point" value. Applying them to a user will give the user that number of community points.
  • Since they are meant to be displayed, badges can have a public image.

In general, badges are useful if you're using Concrete to run a community website, with public user profiles.

Adding a Badge Programmatically

Adding a badge programmatically is as easy as adding a group, and setting some custom properties. In this example "10" is the file ID for the image I've uploaded for my badge.

$badge = \Group::add('Sheriff');
$badge->setBadgeOptions(10, 'The sheriff is cleaning up this town!', 100); // 100 Community points assigned when you get this badge.

Don't want a group to be a badge any longer? Clear its options:


Getting a User's Badges

Getting a list of a user's badges is as simple as calling a method on the UserInfo object:

$user = \UserInfo::getByName('andrew');
$badges = $user->getUserBadges();

Getting a List of Badges

Getting all the available badges in the system is simple:

$badges = \Group::getBadges();