Accessing Our Site


If you already have a functional development environment serving your web projects, you can skip ahead. This is for those who don’t, and want to have quickly spin up a web server to serve just this project.

Now that we’ve installed Concrete CMS, let’s browse it. In a production environment you’d want to configure a web server like Apache or Nginx to serve this content -- but that’s not necessary in our development environment. Instead, let’s get going quickly by using PHP’s built-in web server to launch and serve and the contents our hello_world directory. First, change into the public/ directory and run this command from within the directory:

cd public  
php -S localhost:8000

This should get you a fully functioning server in a matter of seconds:

Next, visit http://localhost:8000 in your web browser.

You now have a fully functioning Concrete site, tied to a local development environment!