Add a Testing Page

Now that we have a page template with some markup that we think will work, let’s create a testing page in our site. This is a page we’re going to test our Project components on, so let’s call it Project Test.

Use the Sitemap panel to add a basic page:

Once you’ve added the page, you’ll probably have one with an empty content block on it, because that’s how we’ve set up our basic page. Delete that block.

Next, let’s change the page template. Remember, the Basic page type is set up to use the Full page template, but we need to use the Content page for our Project pages. Also let’s name the page “Project Testing”.

Click into Edit Mode using the green button. This will keep the page in draft mode for awhile longer.

Everything looks right so far. We have one large area at the top of the page for our Page Header, and then a smaller area for the main Project content. Let’s add a Page Header block, and set it to “Project” (instead of inheriting the “Project Testing” title from the page.)

Great! Now let’s add our next component. It’s an image -- which we can handle with the basic Concrete CMS image block. Let’s add an Image block to the Main area.

Let’s grab the image from our original template. It’s named project-1.png and found inside our theme:

I’m going to upload this file into the file manager, and choose it in the image block.

Looking good!

Our next component is a Page Title block -- but we need a custom template for it, because it displays the current project_type custom attribute for the page. Let’s create that now.