Who is this Guide For?

This book is for any PHP developer who wants to build a good Concrete CMS website. That means a website powered by the Concrete content management system which looks nice and has good SEO, intuitive navigational structure and a coherent design. Some experience with Concrete will be helpful, and you’ll definitely want to be familiar with some of our core concepts (like pages, page types, page templates, block types, custom attributes and a few more), but deep Concrete experience won’t be necessary if you have a development background.

This book is also for any developer who might have worked with Concrete but is still confused as to how some of the pieces best fit together, or isn’t sure how to best architect a Concrete website.

This book is not for someone who wants to learn how to do a single, specific thing, or needs to dive deeply into some of Concrete’s technical aspects. This book is certainly technical, and will touch on many Concrete technical concepts, but this book is more about solving common Concrete problems than going deep into its framework features. If you need that, you should head into the framework section of the developer documentation.

By the end of this book, you should have all the tools you need to think about websites the Concrete way; you’ll have a better understanding of how we think about problems, and you’ll probably cut your Concrete development time, which everyone can probably appreciate.