What are we building?

We are building a simple website for a property management company, based on the Dreamrs theme.

Why’d we choose this?

  • It’s free, which is nice since we want to easily distribute the source files and any files we derive from it.
  • It’s attractive and modern
  • It has a number of custom designs and components, and that’s what we want in order to show off how to best create a custom Concrete CMS website.
  • It has a nice mobile interface built-in.
  • It’s built on the Bootstrap CSS framework, which works well with Concrete.
  • It’s available as static HTML, which is the preferred way to get start the process of “concrete-izing” something.

Speaking of the static site, here it is:


For this book, we’re going to build seven components of the Dreamrs theme.

  • Home
  • About
  • Projects
  • Services
  • Single Apartment
  • Single Project
  • Contact Us

Before we even start coding, we need to plan how our site is going to fit together. This planning might take a little while, but it’s crucial because it’s going to determine what components we need to build, what page templates and page types we’re going to need, and how our site is going to fit together. The end result of this planning period will be what we at PortlandLabs call a “Concrete Technical Outline of Work.” Let’s start making ours.