Registering a plug-in for the rich text editor

Feb 27, 2015
By admin
This requires version 5.7.4 or greater

It is easy to register a custom plug-in for the rich text editor. The following code registers custom clips plug-in, along with JavaScript and CSS used by the plugin. Finally the plug-in is registered to the active rich text editor, which is an object that implements the \Concrete\Core\Editor\EditorInterface interface.

namespace Concrete\Package\ClipsPlugin;

use Concrete\Core\Editor\Plugin;
use \Core;
use \AssetList;

class Controller extends \Concrete\Core\Package\Package

    protected $pkgHandle = 'clips_plugin';
    protected $appVersionRequired = '5.7.4RC1';
    protected $pkgVersion = '1.0';

    public function getPackageDescription()
        return t("Adds clips to the rich text editor.");

    public function getPackageName()
        return t("Clips");

    public function on_start()
        $al = AssetList::getInstance();
            'javascript', 'editor/plugin/clips', 'js/redactor/clips.js', 
                            array(), 'clips_plugin'
            'css', 'editor/plugin/clips', 'css/redactor/clips.css', 
                            array(), 'clips_plugin'
        $al->registerGroup('editor/plugin/clips', array(
            array('javascript', 'editor/plugin/clips'),
            array('css', 'editor/plugin/clips')
        $plugin = new Plugin();



Once this package is installed, the clips plug-in Will be available from the rich text editor settings dashboard page.

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