Transferring ownership of an add-on and a theme

This is a community-contributed tutorial. This tutorial is over a year old and may not apply to your version of Concrete CMS.
Nov 15, 2022

If you encounter a Concrete CMS add-on or theme that you love but not being maintained, you may want to ask the author to help or take over the add-on or theme. Here is the quick step-by-step guide of how to transfer the ownership.

  1. Submit a ticket to the add-on or theme's support page to see if they respond
  2. Locate the author's contact info and try to send a DM or email via author's website. If you are contacting outside Concrete CMS marketplace, share what is your Concrete CMS marketplace username.
  3. Discuss the terms, free or paid and other conditions for the ownership transfer.
  4. Submit the request to PortlandLabs via its' contact form
  5. PortlandLabs will email original author to confirm the ownership transfer. The registered email address of Concrete CMS community must be used.
  6. Once PortlandLabs confirms the transfer agreement, they will transfer the ownership to you. There is NO notification.
  7. Check if the item is in your Add-on & Theme page.
  8. IMPORTANT Visit the add-on or theme's support page, and enable Monitor. Otherwise, you won't get a new support ticket.
  9. Change and adjust add-on/theme description page, submit a post to Concrete CMS forum to tell the world that you now in charge of the add-on or themes.

I've been seeing that great themes and add-ons disappears. It's sad. Let's maintain them as much open source way as possible.

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