Permissions for editors in a multilingual site

Jun 2, 2021
By myq_1 for Editors

This tutorial is a work in progress.

This tutorial is not yet complete. Information may be innacurate or incomplete.


Set up a multilingual Concrete CMS site where each locale can be assigned to a group of editors to maintain. In this case, each editor will have access to only the sections of the website that match their assigned language.


Enable advanced permissions

Advanced permissions must be enabled for this use case. Go to Dashboard > System & Settings > Permissions & Access > Advanced Permissions and enable advanced permissions. Note: this is an irreversable choice; once enabled, the site can not be set back to the simple permissions model, so be sure you want to set up a site this way.

Set up user groups for each language

Set up permissions

Sitemap permissions

Page type permissions

Task permissions

Board permissions

Boards will not be used in this example.

Conversation permissions

Conversations will not be used in this example.

Calendar permissions

The calendar is not going to be used in this example.


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