Edit Mode

The editing toolbar appears across the top of your pages when you're logged in to your Concrete CMS site.the_toolbar_editing_toolbar-v8.2.png

Everything on the left side of the toolbar has to do with the current page you're on.

  • The pencil icon puts this page in and out of edit mode.
  • The gear icon opens and closes the settings panel for this page.
  • The plus (+) icon opens the content panel, letting you add blocks, stacks, and saved clipboard blocks to this page.

Everything on the right side of the toolbar lets you do things with your whole site.

  • The Intelligent Search box lets you search your site. Hit the TAB key, or click the search box, and start typing and Intelligent Search will try to find meaningful results. Intelligent Search takes the text you're typing and tries to find matching content across a few sources:
    • Your site's public pages. If you just need to quickly get to your Press Releases section, start typing "Press" and see what comes up.
    • Your site's dashboard. Even if you don't know where to go in the dashboard to change a setting, just start typing in the Intelligent Search box to see what you will learn.
    • Tutorials and documentation on concretecms.org. We do a quick check to see if there's something here that might help you.
    • The marketplace. See if there is a theme or add-on that matches your keywords.
  • The pages icon lets you add a new page to your site. It also lets you see the tree of pages that make up your site and any drafts that have not yet been approved.
  • The sliders icon brings up the site dashboard where you can control settings for your whole website.