Community Projects

People are doing some interesting things with Concrete CMS. Here is a sampling.




  • Betong: A modern Concrete starting point boilerplate and helper package.





  • concrete5 5.7 for Docker: Docker image of Concrete5 5.7 with Apache2.4 and PHP 5.6 based on the official Debian Jessie Image.

Community Store

concrete5 Japan

  • c57_ustream_theme_workshop: 「Ustream 勉強会シーズン4 第8回 テーマの作り方」で使用した教材データです。
  • concrete5.7_japanese_book: concrete5 公式活用ガイドブック』 5.7.x 用サンプルデータ
  • Kiso: The very simple basic Boostrap Theme for concrete5.
  • Manual Nav for concrete5.7: Manual Nav let you create navigation whatever you would like manually. It's concrete5.7 version of Jordan Lev's famous Manual Nav but developed independently by acliss19xx from concrete5 Japan community.
  • Sakan, concrete5 base theme: Free open source base theme package for concrete5.7.



  • HTML5 Audio Player Basic: HTML5 Audio Player Basic is a simple audio player block for Concrete5. It utilizes the jPlayer library for audio playback and also includes several themes released by jPlayer.



  • Kint Debug: Add Kint debugging tools to a concrete5 website.





  • Simple Backup: 'Automated jobs' for downloading copies of a concrete5 site's files and database.





  • My Terms: Adds a terms of service window during registration.



  • Search++: Search++ is a highly enhanced search system for concrete5. Unlike the core search block it can handle mixed up and partially matching searches to return a list of pages ranked by relevance.






  • Asset Pipeline: Provides easy to use way to manage and build assets in concrete5.
  • Automatic Email Obfuscator: Obfuscates emails automatically in the page source.
  • Bootstrap 4 Starter Theme: Provides a Bootstrap 4 starter example theme built with SCSS for concrete5. Uses the Asset Pipeline package for the asset preprocessing.
  • Controller Extensions: Provides some useful extensions for concrete5 controllers.
  • Entities Example: Example of using Doctrine entities and proxies within the concrete5 package context.
  • Free Cookies Disclosure: Notifies your users about EU Cookie Law.
  • List Files: A block that allows you to list files from your file manager on the site.
  • Symfony Forms: Makes it possible to easily use the Symfony form builder within the concrete5 context.
  • [Symfony Forms Example](Example of using Symfony forms and validators within the concrete5 package context.):
  • Symfony Forms Example 2: Another example of using symfony forms in a package.
  • Twig Templates: Makes it possible to use twig templates in concrete5.
  • Twig Utilities: This is a concrete5 package that adds some concrete5 CLI commands for handling the twig templates.


  • Mautic: This Concrete5 Add-on lets you add the Mautic tracking pixel to your Concrete5 website and embed Mautic forms in the content.




  • DATETIME shifter: shift DATETIME database fields by a specified amount of time
  • concrete5 Deeply: A handy tool to view and analyze the internal data of concrete5.
  • Cover Picture: This add-on allows you to show a picture and some text when you hover it.
  • Redirect: This package offers a block to redirect users.
  • Translations Updater: package to update the translations of the core and of some package
  • Warnings Log: concrete5 package to record all the PHP warnings.
  • MaxMind Geolocator: concrete5 package to do geolocation based on a local database of IP addresses.
  • Login Destination: package for concrete5 8.2+ to choose destination page when users log in.
  • GDPR Cookie Notice: package for concrete5 8.2+ to show a cookie warning, with support for Google Tag Manager.


  • Elemental Cloner: Easily make a fully standalone clone of Elemental, Concrete5's default theme. Make it GDPR ready by loading its fonts locally instead of from Google Fonts. And you can even package it for easy install anywhere.
  • Super User Recovery: Easily recover your Super User account in almost any situation from a simple lost password to obvious foul play.
  • Quick Action: Add useful shortcuts to your blocks' edit dropdown menu. For now it includes:
    • a "quick delete" option to delete blocks without the extra confirmation step
    • a "copy and paste" option to easily copy design presets from one block to another
  • Concrete5 Profiles Easy Read: Our public profiles here on concrete5org are pretty hard to read. All those badges and certifications and whatnot that need to be hovered to know what they refer to are a pain the neck. So this little bookmarklet for Chrome redesigns any public profile page so it's easy to read and print.



  • Override Example: Examples of concrete5 core class overriding from within a package.


  • Age Verification: Display an age verification form on your concrete5 pages.
  • Customize Editing Interface: Customize the concrete5 editing interface. Change outline colors, add background colors, always show outlines, make it more accessible, and modify the Page Settings and Add Content panels.
  • Deluxe Customizable Twitter Feed: Display a fully customizable Twitter feed on your concrete5 pages.
  • Full Screen Background Image and Overlay: Add full screen background images, semi-transparent color overlays, and image vignette effects to your concrete5 pages.
  • Login Page Background: Customize the concrete5 login page with a custom background image.
  • Page Activity: Get a quick overview of page activity on a concrete5 site. See what pages have been recently added, recently modified, who created a page, who last modified a page, and export page activity to CSV
  • SVG Social Media Icons: concrete5 block for displaying SVG social media icons with PNG fallback for older browsers.
  • Twitter Timeline Widget: Add a Twitter timeline widget on concrete5 pages using form based controls.





  • Text List: It allows users to add lists of text entries to pages and provide an optional title for the list.


  • Restricted Entry: Request visitor age verification before viewing page content.


  • Attribute Form: Create concrete5 forms using attributes.
  • Attribute Free Form: A concrete5.7 attribute you can use to quickly create your own attribute types.
  • Domain Area: Adds a custom area class you can use in your theme to manage domain specific content.
  • Limited Text Length Attribute: Installs a text attribute with a restricted length.
  • Masked Text Attribute: Installs a text attribute where you can specify an input mask.
  • Multi File Upload Attribute: Installs a multi file upload attribute.
  • Multi Text Attribute: Installs a multi text attribute where you can enter several lines in a single attribute.
  • Ortic Button: Package to demonstrate how to add a custom button to the concrete5 5.7 toolbar.
  • Package Installer: Let's you upload a ZIP file to your concrete5 5.7 site to install a package.
  • Page Cache Check: This concrete5 add-on allows you to analyze a page and determine which blocks prevents it from being cached. After you've installed the add-on, there will be a new page in the reports section of your dashboard.
  • Plain Text Attribute: Installs a plain text attribute you can use to add labels and hints.
  • QR Code: A package to insert QR codes into your website.
  • Zoom Image: Adds images and onstates from the library to pages.



  • Slickplan Importer: The Slickplan import module allows you to quickly import your projects into your concrete5 (v5.7) site.


  • Blankamental Theme: A blank theme. Contains all the Elemental areas without any surrounding html and a blank css/less file. For version >



  • Asset-Master: The Asset Master package provides an optimization option for bundling assets within Concrete5.


  • Amazon S3 File Manager: Upload/edit/delete files on Amazon S3 using your S3 bucket as concrete5 file source.


  • consh: concrete5 5.7 shell scripts.
  • Package Migrations: Run database migrations for packages on upgrade / install and from the CLI.


  • Carousel: Add a carousel to your site.
  • Fruitful: Responsive Theme from the floor up. Based on Bootstrap, this theme looks great with any default bootstrappy-ness you use.
  • Like This: Add Facebook like button to your site.
  • Quick Pay: Add PayPal Form to your site.
  • Quick Tabs: Add Tabs to your site.
  • Share Me: Add Social Share Icons.
  • Simple Accordion: Add collapsible content to your site.
  • Simple Slider: Add a simple slider to your site.
  • Stupid Slider: Add a stupid slider to your site.
  • Thumbnail Gallery: Add a gallery of thumbnails to your site.
  • Vivid Store: A free eCommerce add-on For Concrete5 5.7.
  • Zoomer: Add zoomable images to your site.



  • FilesBox: Drag and drop upload files and manage them on a page-by-page basis.
  • MDPD: A markdown text editor for concrete5.


  • Related Pages: Attribute for relating pages with each other. Each page can have one or more "related pages" assigned to it, and these can be listed out for users to click between.

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