How to clone and customize Atomik theme

Feb 14, 2022

Theme development in v9 is different to that in v8 although with knowing the minimal steps it's not difficult. Below are the minimal steps required to clone the core Atomik theme and to customize it. Those are not for creating a theme from scratch. They are meant to be for minor styling modification based on the existing Atomik theme only.

Refer to these 2 guides for Concrete CMS theme development:

Prepare development environment

  • download latest release of Concrete CMS github repository:
  • copy concrete/themes/atomik folder to application/themes and rename theme, e.g. your_theme_name
  • make necessary folder, file and class renamings (see afixia-theme-basic-bedrock guide)
  • make ‘build’ folder in application/themes
  • move concrete/themes/atomik/main.js file to build/assets/js
  • move concrete/themes/atomik/css/scss folder to build/assets
  • copy concrete/themes/atomik/css/presets/default folder to build/assets/scss/presets
  • delete main.js file and css folder from atomik
  • create webpack.mix.js in build folder:
let mix = require('laravel-mix');

    externals: {
        jquery: 'jQuery',
        bootstrap: true,
        vue: 'Vue',
        moment: 'moment'
    processCssUrls: false

    .sass('assets/scss/presets/default/main.scss', 'css/skins/default.css')
    .js('assets/js/main.js', '');

Compile theme js and css

  • npm install
  • npm i @concretecms/bedrock
  • npm i laravel-mix
  • npm run production

or for automatic compiling after any change:

  • npm run watch

Customize cloned theme

  • open build/node_modules/bootstrap/scss/_variables.scss to use as reference for all Bootstrap variables
  • assign your own values to the Bootstrap variables or define your own new variables in application/themes/build/assets/scss/presets/default/_variables.scss
  • add your common styling in application/themes/build/assets/scss/_common.scss below all imports
  • add skin specific styling in application/themes/build/assets/scss/presets/default/_variables.scss
  • compile theme JS and SCSS assets
  • upload application/themes/your_theme_name/assets/js/main.js and application/themes/your_theme_name/assets/scss/presets/default/main.scss to your server

Override and style blocks

  • copy original block view.php to application/themes/your_theme_name/blocks/templates
  • copy original block view.js to application/themes/build/assets/js and rename it, e.g. some_block.js
  • import block JS into main.js:
    import "./some_block";
  • copy original block view.css to application/themes/build/assets/scss/blocks and rename it, e.g. _some_block.scss
  • import block scss into _common.scss:
    @import "blocks/some_block";
  • change view.php, some_block.js and _some_block.scss as you need
  • compile theme JS and SCSS assets
  • upload application/themes/your_theme_name/blocks/templates/template_name/view.php, application/themes/your_theme_name/assets/js/main.js and application/themes/your_theme_name/assets/scss/presets/default/main.scss to your server

There's always area for improvement. Please feel free to make this better.

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How to clone and customize Atomik theme
Feb 14, 2022
By linuxoid.

How to clone and customize Atomik theme

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