How to get the locale of a page

This is a community-contributed tutorial.
Jan 8, 2024
  • Get the page object if you don't alredy have it $c = \Page::getByPath("/path/to/page", "ACTIVE");

  • Get the site tree it belongs to $siteTree = \Core::make("site")->getSiteTreeByID($c->getSiteTreeID());

  • Get the tree's locale object with its methods $pageLocaleObject = $siteTree->getLocale();

  • Finally, for the juicy details:

    • $pageLocale = $siteTree->getLocale()->getLocale(); - "en_GB"
    • $pageLanguage = $siteTree->getLocale()->getLanguage(); - "en"
    • $pageLanguageText = $siteTree->getLocale()->getLanguageText(); - "English"
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How to get the locale of a page
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