How To - Using topics and the topic list block in Concrete CMS 5.7

Apr 2, 2015

A breakdown of Project Topics in the Elemental theme.

Step 1. Create the topic tree
Dashboard> System & Settings> Attributes> Topics> Add Topic Tree button
- click to add and edit
- Add Category (subcategory)
- Add Topic
- Edit Category
- Edit Permissions
- you can drag and drop to organize and reorder items
alt text alt text

Step 2. Create a topics attribute and assign a topics tree to it
Dashboard> Pages & Themes> Attributes> Add Attribute button

alt text

alt text

alt text

Step 3. Add topics attribute to a page or to the composer form for a page type

Add topics attribute to a page
Edit Mode> Settings (gear icon)> Attributes

alt text

alt text

Add topics attribute to the composer form for a page type
Dashboard> Pages & Themes> Page Types> Edit Form button

alt text

plus sign + (add form control) button alt text

Select the topics attribute alt text

The topics attribute is now available in the composer form for the page type

alt text

Step 4. Topics List block
- display a list of topics that apply to the current page
- display all topics in a topic tree

Display all topics in a topic tree

Add a topics list block
- Mode: Search - Display a list of all topics for use on a search.
- select topic tree
- optional - Post Results to a Different Page - sorts and displays the results on another page that has a page list block with the "Enable Other Blocks to Filter This Page List" option checked alt text alt text

Add a page list block - "Enable Other Blocks to Filter This Page List" option must be checked (the topics list block will display results using this page list block)
- select the page type to list alt text

alt text

Using the Flat Filter topics list block custom template
Design & Custom Template alt text

Gear button (Custom CSS Classes, Block Name, Custom Templates and Reset Styles)> Custom Template> Flat Filter alt text

The Flat filter custom template will display the top level topics and categories

alt text

Supplies selected

alt text

Activities selected
/portfolio/topic/activities alt text

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