"Bottom-Up" Approach

Just an aside -- before we work on detailing all the content elements within our page components, let’s talk about about what I like to refer to as the “Bottom-Up” approach to building these technical outlines.

This approach refers to the idea that it’s usually easiest to wrap our minds around these large sites when we approach the most granular, simplest pieces of content first, and move up in complexity from there. This isn’t just because these pages are simpler; it’s because the more complex pages usually have elements that require understanding the simplest pieces first. For example, in our site, it makes sense for us to detail how we’re going to build the Apartment and Project page types, before we actually talk about the Projects or Apartments pages, because those listing pages require the pages that they list be understood first. Similarly, the most complex piece of content on our site is easily the Home page, because it lists out pieces of content that are used all throughout the site. That’s why it’s best to start from the “Bottom” -- with the simplest pages furthest-removed from the home -- and move up to the “Top” -- the home page.