Projects Page

Now that we have the individual Project page type created, the listing page for all Projects is pretty simple.

First, we start with our Page Header block. Next, we have what looks like a pretty complex block for a grid of projects. It’s not that bad, though -- most of the complexity is already handled by the Dreamrs theme. We’re going to create a new block for this block type: Project Grid. This custom block type is also using a new attribute to hold the labels like “Architecture”, “Exterior,” etc. at the top of the block type. These are distinct from the project_type custom attribute we added earlier (which has values like “Exclusive Project.”), so let’s add a custom attribute named project_category to cover this new attribute type.

Additionally, it looks like every project in our list also has a thumbnail image. While we are already adding an image to our project page, we should probably create a separate page attribute to keep track of this thumbnail image, in case a site editor wants to have a different image on the detail page of a project than the image that shows up in this project grid. So let’s add a project_thumbnail custom attribute.


We’re going to need to create the following Concrete CMS items for this page (in addition to other items we’re reusing from other pages):

  • Project Grid Block Type
  • project_category custom attribute (Option List type)
  • project_thumbnail attribute (Image/File type)