Project Page

The Project page type is probably the simplest of the page types within our site.

Let’s break this component down into its parts. First, we have a large masthead image, which is clearly meant to be the same on every single page of the Project page type. Looking at other components in our theme, this masthead image is also present on every other page, and it can contain custom text. We might be placing it manually on a particular page, or it might be part of the page’s default content. Let’s make a new block type for this, called Page Header.

Next, we have a simple image. This can probably just be the built-in Concrete CMS image block. After that we have the actual page title. But we also have a piece of red text before it, and looking at other aspects of our design, it’s clear that this red text is reused throughout different project-specific designs. It shows up on the project listing page, for example. So for this, let’s use the built-in Page Title block, with a custom template named project that outputs a custom attribute, with the handle project_type. This can be a Select attribute.

Finally, the last component of this page is a simple content block.


We’re going to need to create the following Concrete items for this page:

  • Page Header block
  • Content page template
  • project_type custom attribute (Option List type)
  • Project custom template for the Page Title block.