Apartment Page

The Apartment page type is pretty similar to the Project page type.

Let’s reuse the same Page Header block for the top content area. Next, the Concrete CMS image block will work well for this page type, just like the project page type. Then we have a Page Title block, with a custom template, just like on the project page. However, since this is an apartment page type (and not a project page type), let’s use a different custom attribute, in case we need to make it behave differently than the project type custom attribute (use different values, etc...). So let’s create an apartment_type custom attribute, and display this in the red text above the page title in our block. This will be a part of the new apartment custom view template for the Page Title block.

The next line shows some custom attributes just for our apartments, like the number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms and the total square footage. Additionally, we have the ability to “like” this page. Let’s add that to our custom template, and a custom attribute to store the total number of “Likes” on the page.

Finally, we need a simple content block beneath the page title and all of the custom attributes.


We’re going to need to create the following Concrete items for this page (in addition to other items we’re reusing from other pages.)

  • Apartment Type custom attribute (Option List type)
  • Apartment Bathrooms custom attribute (Number type)
  • Apartment Bedrooms custom attribute (Number type)
  • Apartment Square Footage custom attribute (Number type)
  • Apartment custom template for the Page Title block
  • Apartment Likes Number custom attribute (Number type)