Services Page

Now we come to the services page.

Like the Contact Us page, the Services page uses a new Services page template with some custom HTML geared toward its markup. We start with the Page Header block, then we add a new Section Title block. This block is responsible for displaying the “Our Services” header with the markup necessary to make it look nice.

Next, we have some hard-coded column logic in the page template, which splits the next area into two columns. In the left column we’re going to add a custom block type, Services Squares, which contain fields for the squares content. Then, in the right column, we add a content block for our “Hello City” content.

After this, we have a full-width page area (lifted from our Full page template). In this area, we’re going to put a custom block type for our testimonials. It displays testimonials in a custom slider. The Concrete CMS core already contains a perfectly serviceable Testimonial block, but it only contains a single testimonial. Let’s leverage this existing functionality, and combine it with another powerful core technology, Stacks, to group together multiple testimonials into the slider interface. We’ll create a custom block type named Testimonials Slider. It will let you choose a Stack that contains Testimonial blocks. The Testimonials Slider block type will loop through all Testimonial blocks in the Stack, and show their fields in the slider. It will also give us a field to choose the title of the block.


We’re going to need to create the following Concrete items for this page (in addition to other items we’re reusing from other pages):

  • Services Page Template
  • Section Title block type
  • Services Squares block type
  • Testimonials Slider block type