8.0.1 Release Notes


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Released on December 7, 2016

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where files were not viewable by anyone other than admin after upgrade from
  • Fixed bug where select attribute wouldn’t sort by popularity (and would die with a SQL error.)
  • Fixed bug where tracking code was not preserved after upgrade from
  • Fixed bug where users could not be deleted after upgrade from
  • Debug is no longer the default setting for error reporting.
  • Fixed inability to sort attribute sets, bugs with editing legacy attribute sets.
  • Fixed problems with saving legacy attributes.
  • Made file manager behave better in cases where a file record somehow had no versions.
  • Fixed error where adding a form block would fail intermittently
  • Fixed typos in the automatically generated Nginx configuration for pretty URL handling (thanks chemett)
  • Fixed error when using textarea attribute with rich text.
  • Fixed inability to edit rich text user attribute twice.
  • Update dashboard.js add_favorite event firing too many times (thanks WillemAnchor)
  • Controller bug fixes and security updates.