9.1.2 Release Notes

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New Features

  • Added “Exclude Current Page” option to the Page List block (thanks ccmEnlil)

Behavioral Improvements

  • WebP images now supported by the file manager. WebP images will show up with the proper extension and thumbnail (assuming the browser supports them). File extension added to the file manager list view.
  • Removed ability to approve versions of drafts – because they need to be published first.
  • If a folder is specified as the root folder of a document library, uploaded files will be placed in this folder if uploaded through the document library.
  • Nicer version history view in add-on update screen (thanks biplobice)
  • Much improved scrolling of page when dragging blocks into the page using the Atomik theme.
  • Fixed weird Chrome behavior where sometimes dialog windows would have a fully opaque black background.
  • Added the ability to toggle passwords when adding a user or change your user’s password (thanks shahroq)
  • Add a pull down menu to set datetime format for CSV exports (thanks hissy)
  • Hide username on edit profile when it is not required on registration (thanks hissy)
  • Allow for saving Hero Image Blocks without Image while avoiding the current datatype Exception (thanks haeflimi)
  • Mercure overhauled to default all Concrete events to private (for better security).
  • Added additional configuration methods to Server-Sent Events (Mercure) to allow for more advanced configuration use cases.
  • Fixed display of CMS when wrapping areas in text-align styles.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where automated groups were not working properly.
  • Fixed bug where users could not change the custom template of a block in a Stack.
  • Fixed custom options forms not showing properly in third party Captcha packages
  • Fixed error editing Hero Image block in PHP 8+ when title format had not been set.
  • Fixed bugs under PHP 8+ when configuring advanced properties of advanced permissions.
  • Fixed: Background Color of a custom skin can no longer be cleared but destroy the custom skin itself
  • Fixed: Adding layout throws error in console "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'closest')" in v9.1.1
  • Fixed bug where only the super user could assig user groups or remove user groups through the bulk editing interface.
  • Fix/error in reindex contents task with Page Objects when pages are in the trash/don’t have a public date (thanks deek87)
  • Fixed bug where editing block visibility at certain device breakpoints via custom design was not working (thanks deek87)
  • Fixed ability to edit certain content in the rich text editor in the Accordion block.
  • Fixed interaction where adding a layout and then cancelling would hide the area the layout was added to until the page was reloaded.
  • Fixed: In php 8 when signed in as a non super user an error occurs when accessing the /dashboard/extend/update page due to $mi not being defined (thanks danklassen)
  • Fixed dialogs/block/design.php - Line 12 has an extra closing php tag (thanks ConcreteOwl)
  • Fixed Back button not taking you anywhere when viewing an Express entry that was owned by another Express entry.
  • Fixed "An exception occurred while executing 'insert into CollectionVersionBlocks" when changing page template.
  • Bug fixes for Page List block under PHP 8.1 (thanks ccmEnlil)
  • Fixed: Express Form Block E-Mail notification doesn't respect form field Order
  • Fixed: Express Form Block E-Mail notification – URL to entries doen't work and leads to empty page
  • Fixed error when updating file sets in PHP8+ (thanks ccmEnlil)
  • Fixed errors when using Server-Sent events introduced in 9.1.0
  • Fixed bug when using magic method in form helper to create previously undefined form input types (thanks JohnTheFish)
  • Fixed bug where page list block would offer the number of entries as the rss feed title if the block was being edited.

Backward Compatibility Notes

  • Tweaked Auto-Nav block controller to fix issue with Community Store breadcrumb custom template.

Developer Updates

  • Private properties in Select Attribute Controller updated to be protected (thanks biplobice)
  • MessageBusManager library improvements for extension
  • Update the URL of the Doctrine XML repository/GitHub Pages (thanks mlocati)
  • Any custom integrations using Mercure (likely very few, if any) should be checked over – Mercure system has been completed overhauled, including an update to Symfony Mercure 0.61.
  • Added on_get_page_wrapper_class() custom event to allow developers to customize classes delivered by this method (thanks JohnTheFish)

Security Fixes