In Concrete CMS version 8, we've given site editors and developers a new way to build strongly typed data objects, and a powerful API to interact with them. Editor can keep these data objects up to date just through the Dashboard, and developers can focus on the custom aspects of presenting, searching and filtering these data objects – without having to worry about tedious busy work like building basic interfaces for creating, reading, updating and deleting data.

Express objects use existing concrete custom attribute types, and can relate to each other in many ways. Get started with Express by checking out this video, which shows how to create two express objects, relate them together, and build their editing interfaces from within the concrete Dashboard – with no coding required.

Creating Express Objects

Creating Express objects is easy from the concrete Dashboard. Check out the developer documentation to learn more.

Going Further

Once you've created your Express objects, you'll probably need to work with them programmatically, or use the built-in Express blocks to create viewing interfaces for them on the front-end. Check out more videos on Express in the developers section, to learn what's possible and how to use Express to build great websites.

Express Developers Guide