Add Functionality

The Add Functionality page in Concrete CMS is where you can manage your extensions, including Add-ons and themes. You can purchase and download these extensions for the marketplace, or you can even create your own and include them in your site. Check out the topics below to learn more about adding functionality to your Concrete site. 

How to connect your site to the Concrete CMS Community
How to assign a license to a Concrete CMS project for use on your Concrete site.
How to install add-ons and themes in Concrete CMS
Updating Themes and Add-ons in Concrete CMS
How to get more Concrete CMS themes and addons from the marketplace installed on your site.
How to troubleshoot connecting to the Concrete CMS community to download addons and themes.
How to refresh your existing extensions.
How to install a Concrete CMS extension manually.
How to release a Concrete CMS license from a Concrete project.
How to add licenses for different users in Concrete CMS