Extending Your Site


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Connecting to Community

If your website is not already connected to the Concrete community, select Dashboard in the upper right of your Concrete CMS toolbar, then go to Extend Concrete. Note that if you are having trouble connecting with the community, you can review troubleshooting tips here

concrete_cms_dashboard_connect_to_community.pngThis opens the Add Functionality screen. Select the blue button labeled Connect to Community to continue to the next screen.


Next, create a project page page on the community site by selecting the Create Project Page button:


 Tip: The user account and password you use to login to your own website is different from your community account.

If you are logged in to your Concrete community account, you'll be taken to a New Project page like the one below. If not, sign in with your community account on community.concretecms.com to login. If you do not have an account you can easily register.


Once your project page has been created, make note of the ID and Secret in the Connection Information section. You will need these values later.

If you have purchased licenses for add-ons or themes, you should now have the ability to assign those licenses to your project. Pick whichever add-ons & themes are for this site and select the Associate button.

concrete_cms_creating_project_keys.pngGo back to your website and paste the ID and Secret (Key) into the fields in Step 2 (see the screenshot below), then select the Save button:

concrete_cms_dashboard_entering_project_keys.pngIf you have entered the correct values, the Connect to the Community page will display a success notice like in the screenshot below:



Notes and Tips

  • License and Support: Remember that each add-on or theme might come with its license and support terms.
  • Compatibility Check: Always check for compatibility with your Concrete CMS version before purchasing or installing an extension.
  • Backup Your Site: It’s a good practice to backup your site before adding new extensions.

By following these steps, you can successfully extend the functionalities and aesthetics of your Concrete CMS site by leveraging the vibrant community and marketplace.