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The Calendar section in Concrete CMS's System and Settings offers a suite of tools for managing and customizing the calendar functionalities on your website. This section is crucial for scheduling events, managing permissions, and ensuring the calendar's seamless integration with your site's design.

General Settings

General Settings in the Calendar section provide basic configurations for how calendars function on your website.

Key Features

  • Default Event Duration: Set a standard duration for new events.
  • Time Format: Choose between 12-hour and 24-hour time formats for event display.

Color Settings

Color Settings allow for the customization of calendar appearance, aligning it with your website's design theme.

Customization Options

  • Event Colors: Assign specific colors to different types of events for easy identification.
  • Background and Text Colors: Configure background and text colors for the calendar to enhance readability and aesthetic appeal.

Calendar Permissions

Calendar Permissions manage who can view, add, or edit events on your calendars.

Permission Controls

  • User and Group Permissions: Assign permissions to individual users or user groups for different levels of access.
  • View/Edit Permissions: Control who can view calendar events and who has the authority to edit or add new events.

Import Calendar Data

The Import Calendar Data feature facilitates the integration of external calendar data into your Concrete CMS calendar.

Import Capabilities

  • External Calendar Integration: Easily import events from external sources like Google Calendar.
  • Data Format Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with standard calendar data formats for seamless import.