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The Boards section in Concrete CMS's System and Settings is designed to manage and customize the Boards feature, a versatile tool for content organization and presentation on your website. This section allows you to fine-tune board settings and control permissions for different user roles.

Board Settings

Board Settings encompass the configurations that define how boards behave and appear on your site.

Configuration Options

  • Default Layouts: Set the default layout styles for your boards, determining how content is organized and displayed.
  • Content Sources: Choose and manage the sources from which boards can pull content, such as blog posts, event listings, or custom content types.


Permissions in the Boards section are crucial for determining who can view, edit, and manage boards.

Access Control

  • View Permissions: Set who can view different boards, controlling public access or restricting it to specific user groups.
  • Editing Permissions: Determine which users or groups can edit the content and layout of boards, ensuring content management is handled by authorized personnel.