Permission Definitions


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All Permission Types

There are permissions tied to all sorts of things in Concrete. Who can edit which page is an obvious one, but beyond the page level there are permissions tied to files, user management, system options - you name it. What follows is a centralized list of permissions you will find distributed across Concrete's dashboard, with a definition of what every permission controls. 

Page Permissions

Who can see the rendered version of this page at all.

View Versions
Who can see earlier versions of this page. 

View Page in Sitemap
Who can see this page in the sitemap.

Preview Page As User
Limits the functionality that lets you preview a page as someone else.

Edit Properties
Who can get to the gear icon, and change attributes. 

Edit Contents
Who can put the page in edit mode.

Edit Speed Settings
Who can change cache settings for this page.

Change Theme
Who can change the theme used on this page.

Change Page Template
Who can change the page template.

Edit Page Type
Who can change the page type.

Edit Permissions
Who can change these permissions.

Who can delete the whole page.

Delete Versions
Who can delete past versions of this page. 

Approve Changes
Who can approve edits that were made to this page. 

Add Sub-Page
Who can add a page below this page. 

Move or Copy Page
Who can copy or move this page around. 

Schedule Guest Access
Allows you to give an editor access to the Schedule Guest Access feature without letting them control more permissions. 

Edit Multilingual Settings
Who can control the aliases between pages if you are running in multiple languages.

Area Permissions

For a specific area on a page, the following permissions exist:

View Area
Who can see the blocks in this area at all.

Edit Area Contents
If they have access to edit this page, can they edit this area on the page?

Add Block to Area
Who can add new blocks to this area. 

Add Stack to Area
Who can add new stacks to this area.

Add Layouts to Area
Who can divide this area into smaller ones using layouts.

Edit Area Design
Who can use the design toolbar to change CSS for this area.

Edit Area Permissions
Who can configure these permissions.

Delete Area Contents
Who can remove blocks from this area.

Schedule Guest Access
Who has access to the interface that lets you schedule content elements for specific user groups.

Block Permissions

For each individual block there are even more permissions:

View Block
Who can see this block. 

Edit Block
Of the people who can put this page in edit mode, who can edit this block.

Change Block Template
Who can change the custom template associated with this block. 

Edit Cache Settings
Who can change if this block is allowed to be cached or not.

Edit Name
Who can change the name of this block. 

Delete Block
Who can remove this block. 

Edit Design
Who has access to the design toolbar to change CSS for this block.

Edit Permissions
Who can change these permissions.

Schedule Guest Access
Who can get to the interface to schedule when blocks are shown. 


User Permissions

If you're running a large site, you may want to allow users other than those in the Administators group to manage your site's non-admin users. The User Permissions page allows you to grant specific users and groups the ability to perform only selected actions related to user management, including searching and updating user information, deleting and deactivating accounts, adding members to groups, etc.

Edit User Details
Who can change information about users at all.

View User Attributes
Who can see the detailed attributes about users.

Activate/Deactivate users
Who can change this user status.

Sign In as User
Who can use the functionality that lets you sign in as another user. Be careful with this one as people may sign in as an admin user even if they don't have those rights themselves. 

Access Group Search
Who can search groups

Delete User
Who can remove users from the system.

Export Site Users
Who can run a CSV export of users. 

Access User Search
Who can search for users. 


File Manager Permissions

View Files
Controls who can view and download files that you've uploaded to the File Manager.
Search File Folder
Controls who can search files by various properties (name, description, etc.).
Edit File Folder
Controls who can create, edit, and delete file folders within the File Manager.
Edit File Properties
Controls who can alter file properties, such as name, description, and file attributes.
Edit File Contents
Controls who can use the built-in image editor to crop, rotate and resize images.
Copy File
Controls who can duplicate a file.
Edit File Access
Controls who can change a file's password and storage location.
Delete File Set
Controls who can remove an existing file set.
Delete File
Controls who can delete files from the File Manager.
Add File
Controls who can add new files to the File Manager. This permission can be further refined by restricting an access entity to specific file types.

Task Permissions

Access Sitemap
Controls who can use the sitemap when picking page links as well as view the sitemap in the right sidebar.
Uninstall Packages
Controls who can remove packaged add-ons and themes from your site.
Install Packages
Controls who can install new add-ons and themes on your site.
View Newsflow
Controls who can view daily "Newsflow" community content when first logging into your site (requires Dashboard access).
Upgrade Concrete CMS
Controls who can upgrade the concrete core.
Access Page Type Permissions
Controls who can make changes to page type permissions.
Access Task Permissions
Controls who can change task permissions (this interface). By default, only the superadmin user can change task permissions.
Access Page Type Defaults
Controls who can view and edit default blocks and other settings of your site's Page Types.
Customize Themes
Controls who can use the theme customizer in the front end in-context editing interface.
Manage Layout Presets
Controls who can access to the layout presets in the front end in-context editing interface.
Empty Trash
Controls who can permanently delete pages from the sitemap's trash can.
Add Topic Tree
Controls who can add a topic tree to the Topics attribute type.
Remove Topic Tree
Controls who can remove a topic tree from the Topics attribute type.
View Site in Maintenance Mode
Controls who view the site when it is set to maintenance mode.
Edit Topic Tree
Controls who can edit a topic tree from the Topics attribute type.
Edit Gatherings
Determine who is allowed to edit gathering blocks placed on the site.