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The Conversations section in Concrete CMS's System and Settings provides tools to manage user interactions and communications through the website's conversation features. This section is essential for moderating discussions, rewarding user engagement, and ensuring respectful communication.


Settings in the Conversations section handle the overall management and configuration of conversation functionalities on your site.

Key Configurations

  • Attachment Options: Control whether users can attach files to their messages and set limits on file types and sizes.
  • Notification Settings: Configure how users are notified about new messages or replies in conversations they are involved in.

Community Points

Community Points settings are designed to incentivize and reward user participation in site conversations.

Reward System

  • Point Allocation: Assign points to users for activities like posting messages or receiving likes.
  • Point Management: Monitor and manage the distribution of points to ensure fair and meaningful rewards.

Banned Words

Banned Words settings help in moderating conversations by filtering out inappropriate language.

Moderation Tools

  • Word List: Create a list of banned words or phrases that are automatically filtered from conversations.
  • Custom Responses: Configure responses or actions when banned words are detected, like alerting moderators or automatically hiding messages.

Conversation Permissions

Conversation Permissions manage who can start, participate in, and moderate conversations.

Permission Controls

  • Participation Rights: Set who can start new conversations and reply to existing ones.
  • Moderation Rights: Determine who has the authority to moderate conversations, edit or delete messages, and manage user participation.