File Sets


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The Challenge of Organizing Files

Organizing a multitude of files on a website can be daunting. Traditional folder structures often limit a file to a single category, which can be restrictive since many files logically belong in multiple categories.

The Solution: File Sets

File Sets in Concrete CMS offer a flexible and organic way to organize files. A file can belong to multiple sets, each with its own order independent of the file itself. This system allows a single file to be categorized in various ways, eliminating the need for duplicates or complex folder structures.

Creating Sets and Adding Files

  1. Accessing Sets: Choose "Sets" from the file options menu in File Manager.
  2. Adding to Existing Sets: Check boxes next to existing sets to add a file.
  3. Creating New Sets: Type a new set name to create it. Sets can be public or tied to specific permissions.
  4. Filtering Sets: If you have many sets, use the search field to quickly find a specific set.

Searching Within Sets

  • In Set(s) Option: In File Manager, use the "In Set(s)" filter to search for files within specific sets.
  • Combining Sets in Search: Add multiple sets to your search to find files that exist in all selected sets.
  • Removing Sets from Search: Easily exclude sets from your search filters.

Managing File Sets

  • Editing Set Names: Change the name of a file set through the Details tab.
  • Reordering Files: The 'Files In Set' tab shows all files in the set, allowing you to rearrange their order, which is particularly useful for image galleries that follow set order.