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In Concrete CMS, 'Sets' are a method of organizing attributes into meaningful groups. This organization is crucial for managing a large number of attributes efficiently, especially when they are used across various parts of the website.

Understanding Sets

Purpose of Sets

Sets group together related attributes, making them easier to manage and apply. For example, a set of 'SEO' attributes might include meta title, meta description, and keywords.

Benefits of Using Sets

  • Improved Organization: Keeps related attributes together.
  • Easier Management: Simplifies the process of adding and editing attributes.
  • Consistency: Ensures uniform application of attributes across similar objects.

Creating and Managing Sets

Building a Set

  • Selecting Attributes: Choose which attributes belong in a set.
  • Naming Sets: Assign a name that clearly represents the grouped attributes.

Applying Sets

  • To Files: Use sets to group file-related attributes, like format, size, or usage rights.
  • To Pages: Group page attributes for SEO, layout, or access settings.
  • To Users: Organize user attributes like demographic information, preferences, or roles.

Use Cases for Sets

SEO Optimization

Group all SEO-related attributes into a set for easy application to web pages.

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