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Advanced Search/Filter

The Advanced Search/Filter feature in the File Manager of Concrete CMS provides a robust set of tools for locating and organizing files efficiently. This functionality is particularly useful for managing a large number of files, allowing you to quickly find exactly what you need using various criteria. Here's a rundown of everything you can do with it:

Search by Keywords

 Enter keywords to search for files by their names, descriptions, or tags.

Filter by File Attributes

Click Advanced to get a popup of additional filter & sort controls:
Filter lets you add limits to the results search will find. Click Add to Field to see the various types of attributes you can limit results by:

  • Keyword: Same as if you entered words in the search field.
  • Folder: Pick a specific folder in the file manager to limit results under.
  • File Set: Similar to labels or tags, file sets are a flexible way to organize files.
  • Extension: Filter files based on their extension (.jpg, .pdf, etc.).
  • File Type: Search by file type (e.g., images, documents).
  • Size: Look for files within a specific size range.
  • Date Added: Filter files by the date they were added to the system.
  • Added to Page: Search for files based on where they are used on your website.
  • More: Custom attributes that you add to the file manager may be listed here if they are configured to be searchable as well. 

Customize Results


This tab lets you control how the results will be displayed in the file manager. 

  • Choose Columns: This determines what data will be displayed in your results at all and is a similar list of attributes to what you can filter by,. 
  • Column Order: As you turn on attributes, they will appear here in a drag and droppable interface that orders the columns in your results. 
  • Sort By: This lets you choose which column is the default sort, and in what order. Most columns let you sort by them by clicking on the label in the file manager results. 
  • Number of Results: Determines how many rows to display per page. 



Search Presets

For frequently used search parameters, you can save your search settings for quick access in the future. Once you have your advanced settings the way you like them, you can save them as a preset here. You can load presets from this list later when you want to run the same query.