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Concrete CMS's Notifications section in System and Settings is designed to manage and streamline the communication and alert mechanisms within your website. This section is crucial for ensuring timely and efficient notifications for site administrators and users.

Server-Sent Events

Server-Sent Events (SSE) is a feature that enables real-time communication from the server to the client.

How It Works

  • Real-Time Updates: SSE facilitates sending updates to the browser in real-time, without requiring the client to request data periodically.
  • Implementation: Used for features like real-time notifications, live feeds, or any feature where data needs to be pushed to the client instantly.

Configuring SSE

  • Enabling/Disabling SSE: Administrators can toggle SSE based on their site's requirements.
  • Performance Considerations: While SSE enhances the user experience with real-time data, it's important to consider its impact on server resources.

Waiting for Me

The 'Waiting for Me' feature is centered around task and workflow notifications that require user action.


  • User-Specific Alerts: Generates notifications for tasks that are assigned to a particular user, ensuring that they are aware of pending actions.
  • Workflow Integration: Particularly useful in workflow scenarios where approvals or reviews are pending from specific users.

Customization and Management

  • Notification Settings: Users can customize the types of notifications they receive and how they are alerted.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Helps in managing workflows efficiently by reminding users of pending tasks, thereby speeding up processes and decision-making.