Social Networking


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Survey Block


The Survey Block allows you to create and manage surveys directly on your site.


  • Question Creation: Add custom survey questions.
  • Response Options: Provide multiple choice answers.
  • Results Tracking: View and analyze survey responses in the dashboard.

Conversations Block


Facilitates interactive discussions on your site, similar to a comment section.

Key Aspects

  • Threaded Conversations: Supports nested replies for organized discussions.
  • Moderation Tools: Manage and moderate conversations through the dashboard.
  • User Engagement: Encourages user interaction and feedback.

Social Links Block


Enables the addition of social media links to your site for increased connectivity.


  • Platform Selection: Choose from various social media platforms.
  • Link Configuration: Set URLs to your social media profiles.
  • Icon Display: Customize the appearance of social media icons.

Testimonial Block


Showcases customer or client testimonials, enhancing credibility and trust.


  • Content Management: Add individual testimonials with text, author, and role.
  • Display Options: Customize the layout and style of the testimonials.
  • Rotating Testimonials: Option for a carousel or slider presentation.

Share This Page Block


Provides social sharing options, allowing visitors to share your page on their social networks.


  • Social Networks: Include various social media platforms for sharing.
  • Button Customization: Adjust the appearance and text of share buttons.
  • Placement: Choose where on the page the share options appear.

Each of these blocks enhances the interactivity and social connectivity of your site, from gathering feedback with surveys to fostering community conversations and enabling social sharing.