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The Files section in the System and Settings of Concrete CMS is dedicated to managing various aspects of file handling and storage. This comprehensive section covers everything from file type permissions to storage options, ensuring efficient and secure file management.

Allowed File Types

This feature regulates the types of files that can be uploaded to your site.


  • Security and Control: Admins can specify which file types are permitted, enhancing security and preventing unwanted file uploads.
  • Customizable List: The list of allowed file types can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your website, whether for images, documents, or multimedia files.

File Manager Permissions

File Manager Permissions govern who can access and manage files within your site.

Key Aspects

  • Access Control: Determine which user groups have the authority to upload, download, or modify files in the File Manager.
  • Granular Permissions: Set detailed permissions for various file-related actions, ensuring users have appropriate access levels.


Thumbnails settings allow you to manage the creation and display of image thumbnails.


  • Thumbnail Sizes: Customize the size of thumbnails generated for images, optimizing them for various site sections.
  • Performance Balance: Adjust thumbnail settings to balance between image quality and page load times.

Image Options

Image Options provide control over how images are handled on your site.


  • Automatic Processing: Set options for automatic image resizing and optimization upon upload.
  • Quality Settings: Adjust image quality settings to manage the balance between image clarity and file size.

Image Editor

The Image Editor setting enables the customization of the built-in image editing tool.

Editing Capabilities

  • Functionalities: Choose which editing features are available, such as cropping, resizing, or applying filters.
  • User Accessibility: Determine which user groups can access these editing features.

File Storage Locations

This feature manages where your site’s files are stored.

Storage Options

  • Multiple Storage Locations: Configure multiple storage locations, including local and cloud-based options.
  • Storage Selection: Choose where files are stored by default and provide options for moving files between storage locations.

External File Providers

External File Providers extend the file storage capabilities to external services.


  • Third-Party Services: Integrate with external file hosting services, such as Amazon S3 or Dropbox, for additional file storage solutions.
  • Seamless Access: Access and manage files stored on these services directly from the Concrete CMS File Manager.

Export Options

Export Options allow for the exporting of files from your site.

Export Functionality

  • Bulk Export: Facilitate the bulk export of files for backup or transfer purposes.
  • Format Selection: Choose the formats in which files can be exported, ensuring compatibility with external systems or requirements.

Upload Settings

Upload Settings govern the process of uploading files to your site.

Upload Parameters

  • File Size Limits: Set maximum file size limits for uploads to manage server resources effectively.
  • Upload Interface: Customize the user interface of the file upload process, enhancing the user experience and efficiency.