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Form Block


The Form Block in Concrete CMS enables quick creation of forms, useful for surveys, feedback, or data collection. Collected data is accessible at Dashboard > Reports > Forms.

Customizing Forms

  • Add Tab: Add questions with options for mandatory responses.
  • Edit Tab: Modify questions or their order through drag-and-drop.
  • Results Tab: Choose between storing submission results on the site or just sending email confirmations. Select an Express folder for form results.
  • Options Tab: Set form name, submit button label, Captcha, completion message, redirection page, email addresses for submissions, and file management for uploads.


Access all form results through the Dashboard's intelligent search feature.

Search Block


The Search Block is a basic site search tool, configurable to align with site content.

Configuration Options

  • Search Title: Displayed above each form.
  • Search Button Text: Text for the form button.
  • Search Within Path: Limits search results scope. Options include searching the entire site, only beneath a specific page, or beneath another page selected manually.
  • Results Page: Set up a separate page for search results, requiring an empty search block on that page.

Note on Search Capabilities

This block performs simple substring searches in names, descriptions, and searchable content. It's less sophisticated than Google or the Intelligent Search toolbar, with limitations on word length and complexity.

External Form Block


The External Form Block complements the built-in form builder, offering a more code-oriented approach to form creation.

Key Features

  • Example PHP Files: Provided in /concrete/blocks/external_form/form/ directory, illustrating formatting for a form and its controller.
  • Structure: Typically consists of a view file and a controller file with matching names.
  • Usage: Best suited for PHP developers needing to reuse encapsulated PHP as a block.

Accessing External Forms

Created external forms are stored in application/blocks/external_form/form/ directory and are selectable from the "External Form to Include" dropdown.


This block is ideal for users with coding capabilities, offering flexibility in form creation and integration within Concrete CMS.