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Comprehensive User Search Functionality

In Concrete CMS, the user search feature is a powerful tool designed to efficiently manage and navigate through the site's user base. This functionality is particularly useful for sites with a large number of users, providing a streamlined approach to locating specific user accounts based on various criteria.

Basic User Search


  • Keyword or Group-Based Search: Users can be searched using keywords, which might include their names, usernames, or email addresses. Additionally, users can be filtered based on their group memberships.

Default Columns

  • Essential User Information: By default, the search results display essential user information such as usernames, email addresses, the last modified date, and the number of logins. This helps in quickly identifying and selecting users for further actions.

Advanced Search and Filtering

Advanced Search Interface

  • Extended Criteria: The Advanced Search adds more criteria to refine the user search. It allows administrators to filter users by specific attributes like registration date, activation status, and custom user attributes. This detailed filtering is crucial for sites with extensive user databases.

Customize Search Results

  • Adjustable Columns: The search interface is highly customizable. Administrators can select which columns to display in the search results, change the order of these columns, or add additional columns to include various user attributes. This customization ensures that the most relevant information is readily visible.

Sorting and Exporting User Data

Sorting Options

  • Organized Display: Users can be sorted based on different criteria, such as alphabetical order, registration date, or last login date. Sorting makes it easier to organize and manage the user list according to specific needs.

Exporting User Information

  • Data Export: The platform offers the option to export user data. This feature generates a downloadable file (typically in an Excel format) containing the records of users' information based on the current search criteria. This is invaluable for offline user management, reporting, or data analysis.

Practical Applications of User Search

Efficient User Management

  • Quick User Identification: Quickly locate and manage user accounts, especially in scenarios requiring timely user modifications or access control adjustments.
  • Group Management: Identify users belonging to specific groups for targeted communication, group restructuring, or permission updates.

Enhanced Administrative Workflow

  • Streamlined Processes: Advanced search and sorting capabilities streamline administrative workflows, particularly in managing large user groups or conducting periodic user audits.
  • Custom Reporting: Customize and export user data for reporting purposes or to meet compliance requirements.

In conclusion, the user search functionality in Concrete CMS is an essential feature for site administrators, offering robust capabilities for user management. Its advanced search, customizable display options, and data export feature provide a comprehensive and efficient system for handling user-related tasks on the site.