Installing & Hosting


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Concrete CMS is a middleware based CMS that uses PHP and MySQL. That means you'll need a webserver to host it on somewhere.

SaaS Hosting

The simplest & fastest way to get a Concrete site working is to setup a copy with our SaaS hosting platform here. You won't have to touch a line of code, and we'll keep the site updated for you so it will always be safe. There's a smaller set of extensions available from our marketplace that we can provide support for. If you just need a simple website for some reason, this is a great way to go. 

This is also a great way to setup a quick test to see if something is working the way you would expect it to in Concrete. 

The disadvantage here is you don't get access to the open source codebase that powers Concrete, so you won't be able to build your own Theme or custom Add-Ons. 

Budget Hosting

If you want complete access to the source for Concrete, but you're still eager to pay just dollars per month, budget hosting providers are a good choice. Half way down our hosting page you'll find a few of our partners who can run Concrete well. If you already have a hosting provider with a control panel, you may find there's an installer tool (such as Softaculous) that installs Concrete for you. 

DevOps Hosting

If you're building a custom web application and you want a git based code management system with CI/CD tooling to safely allow a team to manage your website's codebase over time, we can help with that too. We offer highly compliant security focused hosting infrastructure used by Fortune 500 companies and the U.S. Army for their Concrete CMS needs. 

Install Concrete Yourself

Check out our Developer documentation for more detailed instructions on installing Concrete, version release information, security announcements and the like.