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The Attributes section in Concrete CMS’s System and Settings is integral for managing and customizing attributes throughout your website. This section is critical for adding, organizing, and utilizing metadata effectively across various elements of your site.


Types in the Attributes section deal with the different kinds of attributes that can be applied to various elements like pages, files, or users.

Key Features

  • Attribute Varieties: Manage different attribute types such as text, number, select, date, and more.
  • Application: Specify which elements (pages, files, users) each attribute type can be associated with.

Custom Attribute Creation

  • Custom Attributes: Develop and integrate custom attribute types to meet specific data requirements.


Sets in the Attributes section allow for the grouping of related attributes, enhancing organization and management.

Set Management

  • Creating Sets: Form sets of attributes for streamlined handling, such as grouping all SEO-related attributes.
  • Application: Apply attribute sets to different elements for consistent and efficient metadata management.

Practical Usage

  • Ease of Access: Quickly access and manage groups of related attributes.
  • Organizational Efficiency: Enhance the management and application of attributes across the site.


Topics in the Attributes section are used for categorizing and tagging content in a structured and hierarchical manner.

Topic Configuration

  • Topic Trees: Create and manage topic trees to categorize content in a structured way.
  • Hierarchical Organization: Arrange topics in parent-child relationships for detailed categorization.

Application and Integration

  • Content Tagging: Use topics to tag and categorize pages, blog posts, and other elements.
  • Filtering and Searching: Implement topics for advanced filtering and searching capabilities on your site.