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The Email section in Concrete CMS's System and Settings is dedicated to configuring and managing how your website handles email communication. This section is essential for ensuring reliable and efficient email interactions between your site and its users.

SMTP Method

The SMTP Method settings allow you to configure how emails are sent from your website.

SMTP Configuration

  • Server Settings: Specify your SMTP server details, including host, port, and authentication credentials.
  • Send Method: Choose between PHP mail function or SMTP for sending emails.

Email Importers

Email Importers are used to process incoming emails and convert them into concrete actions or content.

Importer Settings

  • Setup Importers: Configure importers to handle specific types of incoming emails, like support requests or comments.
  • Automated Processing: Automatically process and route incoming emails to the appropriate areas in your CMS.

System Email Addresses

This feature manages the email addresses used by your system for sending out emails.

Email Management

  • From Address: Set the email address that appears in the 'From' field of outgoing emails.
  • Administrative Emails: Specify different email addresses for various system notifications, such as new user registration or system alerts.

Email Logging

Email Logging keeps a record of all emails sent from your website.

Log Functionality

  • Audit Trail: Provides a history of sent emails for review and troubleshooting purposes.
  • Email Details: Logs include information such as the recipient, subject, content, and timestamp of each email.