Calendar & Events


The Calendar lets you create, manage, and display multiple calendars on your Concrete CMS site. The original calendar functionality was provided through a Marketplace add-on. As of version 8.3.0, the add-on was folded into the Concrete CMS core.

There are three main areas where you interact with the calendar:

  1. Events and calendars are created and managed from the Calendar section of the Dashboard (documented here).
  2. Views of the calendar(s) can be placed throughout your site using the Calendar, Event List, and/or Calendar Event Detail Blocks.
  3. The Calendar subsection of the System & Settings section of the Dashboard contains general default settings for all calendars created in the website. This includes defining the calendar topics attribute, color settings, default permissions, and a facility to import calendar data from the Marketplace add-on version of the calendar.


Go to the Calendar page in your Dashboard to start setting things up. There are three dashboard pages in the Calendar & Event section:


This page is where events are added to existing calendars. Existing events can also be viewed, edited, and deleted from this page. Existing calendar details and permissions can also be set from this page.
This page is where new calendars are created. Once created, existing calendars can be edited from the View Calendar page.
This page allows you to extend calendar events with custom attributes