System & Settings

The System & Settings part of the Dashboard holds all of the administrator-level settings needed to configure your website and keep it running smoothly. Once set up correctly, most of the sections within will not need to be changed, but if you do need to make a change, be careful. Some of the settings in this part can break your website if you are not careful. Double check or test on a copy of your site if you are not sure.

Learn how to use the Dashboard Basics page in System & Settings to control your site name, time zone, interface preferences and more.
Multilingual locales configuration
Editor's Guide to the Dashboard for SEO and Statistic pages.
A look at the various options available to you on the the Concrete CMS Dashboard Optimization page.
Editor's Guide to Permissions and Access in 5.7
Learn about the various options for controlling how users log in and register on your Concrete CMS site.
View and change the settings your site needs to send and receive email.
Manage global settings for conversations from the dashboard.
List all the attributes that are installed on your Concrete CMS site-- for users, pages and files-- and group them into manageable sets.
Find out what settings are in currently in effect on your Concrete CMS site.
Easily create backups of your existing database, or restore a backup of a previous version from a file.