The Reports page gives you access to the statistics of your site.

Form Results

This page displays your form results, including the various fields that you set when you created the form. It can be found at Dashboard > Reports > Forms.


Displays a table with your sites surveys by name, the page or Stack it's found in, when the last response came in, and how many responses have been collected. Survey results can be found at Dashboard > Reports > Surveys.


Add-on developers and site builders may find it useful to log messages that can later be viewed and searched in the dashboard. The Concrete CMS log library provides this functionality.

Exceptions will also be logged in the Dashboard > Reports > Logs section, if "Enable Exceptions Log" is checked in Dashboard > Settings > Debug.

Site Health

Site Health reports are generated from the various Site Health tests that can be run from the Site Health section. Site Health report results can be found at Dashboard > Reports > Site Health